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I’ll help you understand the root cause AND offer you a solution to eliminate feelings of worthlessness and dramatically improve your self-esteem.

When we feel unworthy, it shows up in every facet of life. I know because I wrestled with it myself for decades. Finally, I came face to face with the underlying cause and was able to eliminate it. Feelings of low self-worth can show up in relationships as settling for less than you deserve. You may have a partner who is neglectful or, worse, emotionally or verbally abusive.

In careers, it often means accepting a lower salary or being unwilling to negotiate what your skills are worth. Some entrepreneurs can end up charging far less than they should when feelings of worthlessness are unresolved.

Feeling unworthy can be a barrier to deeper connection. The reason? It leads to feelings of self-doubt that cause an immense hesitation to engage in or contribute to conversations when deep down, you believe that no one wants to hear what you have to say.

And if none of these examples are compelling enough, feeling unworthy can also impact how leaders and parents show up when giving positive feedback and reinforcement. When parents feel unworthy, they find it harder to praise their children for the things they do well. And much easier to spend excessive amounts of time droning on about things done wrong. This is because fault-finding in others can distract and inflate the ego a bit. But letting low self-esteem continue to bloom and flourish in your life means there is a much higher chance that it will get passed down to future generations. You and your offspring deserve better.

Break the cycle by calling me now.

I can recall just how liberating it felt to be free from the weight of feeling unworthy. Suddenly, I knew my worth in relationships and my career.

I was no longer bottling all my thoughts or forgetting everything because I felt no one cared. And I want that same liberation for you.

Call now, and you will be met with compassion, empathy, and a listening ear.

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