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Therapy and Coaching in Texas

At A Better You Wellness, we believe that strong relationships are the foundation of a fulfilling life. As a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) Associate, I am dedicated to helping individuals, couples, and families navigate life’s challenges and create meaningful connections.

difference between coaching and therapy

Both coaching and therapy aim to support individuals in their personal growth and development. However, they are different in their focus, training, deadlines, and client dynamics. Selecting between coaching and therapy depends on the person’s needs, goals, and preferences.

Are you living your life, or are you…
…living out someone else’s dreams and wishes?
…reeling in the aftermath of abuse or other life challenges?
Instead of thriving…
…you’re stuck in a tailspin, unable to reach your highest potential.
There are goals you want to achieve…
…but you’re falling short because you don’t have the motivation or confidence you need.
Maybe you’re doing the work you love…
…but you’ve reached a dead end, just hoping for a promotion or a breakthrough.
Whether you want to heal from emotional abuse, get a grip on your career, stop smoking, or get better sleep, A Better You Wellness has you covered!

Isn’t it time you put this problem to bed?

You’ve worked in the same role for far too long. Watching many peers get promoted, you can’t help wondering when it will be your time to shine. You need a plan, and I can help you develop one unique to your specific goals and desired outcomes.
Deep down, you crave connection and a loving relationship, so you initiate contact occasionally, but you erect 12′ walls whenever someone gets just a little bit too close. You find yourself withdrawing and isolating from others. But after a while, the silence and loneliness become more than you can bear, and the cycle repeats like a broken record.
Reeling In the aftermath of a traumatic relationship can leave you feeling mistrustful of others, but that’s just one of the side effects. Other damaging effects include feeling unworthy, undeserving, significantly flawed, and unlovable.
You know you were meant to make a lasting impact. But lately, you’ve been feeling lost, like something is missing.
“What’s my purpose? Why am I here?”
You need a compass, and I can help you create one tailored to you, your life experiences and values.
Dragging out of bed each day is so… hard. You would love to stay tucked securely under the covers in your nice warm bed, where it feels safe, but you have a laundry list of tasks impatiently waiting to be done.
With each passing day, pushing through the foggy whirlwind of destructive thoughts fighting for real estate in your crowded mind gets more challenging. You may benefit from any techniques, including NLP, spot treatment MER, or Emotional Release Timeline. We will assess and provide appropriate recommendations.
With so many things competing for attention and overtaxing the central nervous system, falling asleep seems to take forever these days, and staying asleep is even harder.
You’ve tried medications, sleep science, alcohol, and white noise, not necessarily in that order, and nothing seems to help. You need a Sleep Blueprint anchored in sleep science and provides solutions for psychological sleep disturbances. We can help you pinpoint the root cause of your sleep challenges and offer natural solutions that help you sleep more soundly, including NLP, MER, and hypnosis.

Best Online Therapy Texas

Online therapy in Texas is revolutionizing mental health care, offering residents convenient access to professional support anytime, anywhere. Through secure virtual platforms, individuals can connect with licensed therapists without the need to travel, making it ideal for those with busy schedules or limited mobility. Whether you’re dealing with stress, depression, or relationship issues, online therapy provides a safe space to explore your thoughts and emotions. With the flexibility to choose video, phone, or chat sessions, clients can receive personalized treatment tailored to their needs. Experience the benefits of online therapy in Texas and prioritize your mental well-being today.

How Can Therapy or Coaching Help?

Therapy can help you become more aware of real and perceived barriers, a first step in moving past them. In the process, you are invited to join the therapist in elevating above the challenges so that you see them from a different perspective.

Thinking about the problem from different perspectives often helps loosen its boundaries, so you can access internal resources and be open to more options for resolving the barriers.

Therapists have the added benefit of seeing a lot of clients and co-discovering solutions.

Chances are, your challenge or a variation thereof is something we’ve seen solved before. Why re-create the wheel? You’ll tap into this collective wisdom reservoir when you work with a coach.

Disempowering messages plant themselves in your mind and fester.

You get caught in a negative feedback loop from which it’s impossible to break free.

Crafting and executing a compelling vision for your life…

With barriers removed, it becomes easier to reimagine the future you desire.
In coaching, I support you in outlining your vision for the future. Then I help you craft a plan to perform the specific tactics and prioritization to propel you to the next destination in your journey.
Imagine living this new chapter of your life in perfect harmony, completely aligned with your values, and executing your vision flawlessly.

You will feel seen, heard, valued, and honored.

I will accept you for who you are and listen to you empathetically from a nonjudgmental place of curiosity.
As I listen to you, I am listening to understand your default strategy and the emotion behind your words. This helps inform me on how the challenge was created, which helps deconstruct the old strategy and construct a newer, more helpful one.
I believe everyone has strengths, and I advocate for eliciting strengths and celebrating small wins. I recognize and value you as the expert in your life. This means that while I have tried and true options to share with you for achieving your goals and overcoming barriers, I take a collaborative stance and solicit your input on these options so that you maintain your autonomy/remain in full control at all times.
I have a sense of humor and avoid taking myself too seriously. My clients and I often laugh about an experience or an unexpected insight in session. People often marvel over my “Zen-like,” calming nature. When you work with me, you’ll get an even-keel personality that helps you feel safe to do the work necessary for transformative change.

We’ll use various approaches…

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
NLP posits four requirements for achieving lasting change: releasing negative emotions, baggage, limiting decisions, and restrictive beliefs; creating a compelling future with specific, empowering goals; taking action; and focusing on what you want.
We’ll work on all four points together. When you identify and address the psychological barriers between you and your goals, it’s exponentially easier to take action and get what you want out of life.
Emotional Release Timeline…
Mental and Emotional Release falls under the umbrella of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and is a visualization technique. This technique enables clients to get in touch with repressed feelings from the past to reprocess them and release the negative energy trapped at the cellular level. Negative trapped emotions that have never been properly processed often cause physical disorders such as pervasive headaches and backaches.
Clients can reprocess experiences and feel emotions wash over them like a wave without talking about the experiences aloud. And when the process is complete, the client retains the memory and any learnings from the experience while releasing trapped emotions and maladaptive patterns.
Hypnosis also falls under Neuro-Linguistic Programming and is a method of communicating with the unconscious mind. In hypnosis, we bypass the conscious mind to speak positive suggestions directly to the unconscious mind. Speaking directly to the unconscious mind enables a person to receive and act on suggestions much faster than they ordinarily would. Anyone can be put into a trance, a deeply relaxed state conducive to feeding suggestions to the unconscious mind. Hypnosis has been used effectively to help people meet goals such as sleep improvement, weight loss, and smoking cessation, in addition to being an effective form of managing states to achieve more positive frames of mind.

Here’s what the process looks like…

We will begin with a detailed intake, reviewing your history, challenges, and goals. This will give us a baseline to measure your improvement throughout our journey together.
Then, we will review options to help you reach your destination, laying out a strategic plan of execution.
As we work on your plan and accomplish your goals, I will support you every step, serving as a trusted advisor and sounding board.
You will achieve transformational change if you open up and trust the process!

About Me

My road to becoming a therapist and coach was long and winding…

I have decades of experience in various corporate leadership roles, including Associate Director of Learning and Development, Sr. Manager of Instructional Design, and Training Manager, to name a few.
With my robust experience and contact list, I can help you with your resume, online profiles, and interviews, ensuring you put your best foot forward to seal the deal!
I know what it’s like to navigate through the ranks of different industries, being affiliated with the military and spending time in the Mortgage Banking, Health Insurance, and Medical Device industries.

Telishia “TJ” Johnson, LMFT Associate Supervised by Dana Lewin, LMFT-S

I know that getting promoted is about much more than hard work. I’m here to share this knowledge, guiding you to your dream career.

Some of my educational background…

Master of Arts in

Marriage and Family Therapy, Northcentral University

Master of Arts in Education, American Intercontinental University


Certified Trauma Specialist, Hypnosis, Mental and Emotional Release Timeline Therapy, Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

When I am not helping clients achieve transformational change…

I enjoy reading non-fiction books that mainly fall into self-help and improvement categories. Vegetable gardening is another hobby I have developed a love for over the past few years. I have tried it with lettuce, zucchini, beets, onions, and collard greens. I also enjoy traveling and have been to several U.S. destinations. However, my favorite place, hands down, is Destin, Florida.

I am so grateful and blessed to be the mother of two wonderful boys, 24 and 17. They have taught me many life lessons as they grow and mature. It is gratifying to hear them echo my own words of wisdom or to recognize them covertly applying one of my strategies on me.

Let’s join forces!

Let’s join forces to eliminate whatever is standing between you and the life you want to be living!

My goal is to partner with you to remove barriers and help you take action to get what you want!

If you’re ready to stop living in the shadows, watching others get the results you want, and instead start living your best life, the first step is to have the courage to book your free consultation.

I can’t wait to work with you! Request Appointment